The Rocket Story
Waaaaayyy back in the 1900's, about 1982
when I was knee high to a grasshopper we
use to get a magazine called "Mother Earth  News" and in that magazine they would have
toy projects.  I was never old enough or skilled  enough to build the projects but they sure got   my imagination going. 

Once upon a time one of the projects was for a  water rocket launcher.  I never got a chance to  even try to make it because I think the
magazine got turned into fire starter......but the  picture simmered in my imagination for the next couple of decades....until November 2003.

I was wandering aimlessly through the hardware store trying to discover what it was I needed for a different project when I came across some rubber stoppers.  I had never seen rubber stoppers in a hardware store before and immediately decades of dusty memories came back to me......this was exactly what I needed for a water rocket launcher!  I bought 3 rubber stoppers and with a buck or two spent I was committed.  Thus began the rocket pad development.